The Crew

Find out who make ReBoot Roller Discos.


How it started...

ReBoot was formed by Charlotte (left) and Maria (right) as they both shared a huge love for skating.

This stemmed from being members of the local SWAT Roller Derby Team. Roller derby is a fast paced, actioned packed, full contact sport played on quad roller skates.

Their team are the current Southwest champions and they play bouts (games) all over the country. You can check out the team and Maria aka Vampira and Charlotte aka Mrs Kripling at:

ReBoot Skate Marshals

"Skating has been a huge part of my life since 2010 when I was introduced to SWAT Roller Derby, its more than a hobby, it's a passion and a lifestyle.

Although we train up to three times per week with the team we wanted to share the buzz we get from being on 8 wheels with the rest of the community although on a more recreational level rather than competitive!

There has been a huge demand to 'bring back the roller discos' so we're giving the people what they want and having fun whilst doing so." - Maria


"Having children myself I know how much the boys like to be active and constantly learning new things.

Skating is a great form of exercise, especially on the core. It also teaches balance and is quickly picked up, especially by kids!

From a "grown up" point of view  (I use inverted commas as the minute I don skates I feel like a child again) it's a great way to meet people, exercise - usually without realising it, and just have fun either doing something you love or learning something new." - Charlotte


Natalie 'Tiger Tilly' Lawrence joined the ranks in 2015 after moving to Devon from Sheffield. She quickly settled in and is a firm favourite at our private parties and weekly skate sessions.

Skating speciality: Teaching the basics to give people the confidence to get rolling unaided.

When she's not skating she loves to: Eat cheese!


Beccy 'Bambi Dextrous' Edwards - started coming along to the discos in 2015 for a bit of extra skate time on top of training with SWAT Roller Derby.

We wasted no time in putting a ReBoot T shirt on her and recruiting her as a permanent marshal at the Saturday sessions and the private parties!

Skating speciality: Plow Stops and bouncing around on her toe stops!

When she's not skating she loves to: Play the ukulele!


Steve Evans - literally 'stumbled' into the ReBoot Team head first back in 2014! We'll say no more here but if you want to hear the story, flag one of us down and we'll fill you in!!

As well as being a regular marshal at our Saturday sessions Steve has recently taken on the role of instructor at our Adult Skate Club

Skating speciality: An Ex Roller Hockey skater, what Steve doesn't know about skating probably isn't worth knowing!


Kate 'Violentina Rossii' Garrard - Mother of two and member of the SWAT training team means Kate has patience aplenty and runs the ReBoot junior Sk8 Club

Skating speciality: The Power Slide

When she's not skating she loves to: Add to her range of clothing at 'Dude Where's my Pants' and has recently opened up her own Skate Shop in Exeter 'Momma Truckers Skates' on Cowick Street.

Ready to get your skates on?

Learn to skate at our Friday night skate club or come along to a public skate every Saturday